Welcome to Yoga in Rutland – one to one yoga and Ayurveda with Em Goldmark.

About Em

Em Goldmark has been a student of yoga since 1998 and a teacher since 2009. She initially studied for many years with Sheila Baker. Through Sheila, and her teachers past and present, Em has become part of the lineage of students and teachers who practice in the tradition of TKV Desikachar and his father T Krishnamacharya, considered by most to be the grandfather of western yoga. She has subsequently studied extensively with Ranju Roy and his colleague at Sadhana Mala, Dave Charlton.  Sadhana Mala is recognised by the Association for Yoga Studies (AYS) as one the foremost yoga training organisations in the viniyoga tradition. Read more >

One to One Lessons

Yoga is about experience, about your own journey, and while a class can open the door, you can only really step through and embrace the possibility of what yoga can bring, if you do your own practice, designed for you by a qualified teacher who is the right teacher for you. Read more >


Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest healing systems.  It is based the principle that each person has an individual metabolic system which, when out of balance, leaves us susceptible to poor digestion, tiredness, low mood, and eventually ill health.  Ayurveda seeks to restore our natural balance through adjustment to eating habits, food choices and general lifestyle routines in order to optimise physical and mental well-being.  Read more >

Why Viniyoga?

All graduates of this school of teaching are trained to consider their student’s specific circumstances; physical, emotional, energetic and psychological; where appropriate, in order to design a programme of yoga for the student to practice at home. Read more >