em-goldmarkEm Goldmark has been a student of yoga since 1998 and a teacher since 2009.

Following a recommendation, she was introduced to the practice of yoga by her teacher, Sheila Baker, of whom she has remained a student ever since.

Through Sheila, and her teachers past and present, Em has become part of the lineage of students and teachers who practice in the tradition of TKV Desikachar and his father T Krishnamacharya, considered by most to be the grandfather of western yoga.

This tradition, known as Viniyoga, places its emphasis on the application of the tools of yoga to suit the individual’s needs.

From her first one-to-one lesson with Sheila, which was the first yoga she had ever tried, she has always worked in this tradition, taking home a practice designed for her, practising (mostly) daily, and returning some weeks later for her next hour-long session of discussion, asana, pranayama and a new practice to take away.

After having been purely a student for 10 years, and having had her yoga support her through many life changes, including the arrival of her two daughters, Em became aware of a desire to understand the philosophy that underpins the practice of yoga.  She decided to further her study by attending a Foundation Course with one of Sheila’s colleagues in the viniyoga tradition, Ranju Roy.

This 8 month study course proved a turning point in her yoga journey as she realised there was a wealth of knowledge and practice to be discovered.  That at the heart of her physical and psychological experience of daily practice was an intellectual exploration and understanding of the human condition.

There followed another 4 years of study with Ranju and his colleague at Sadhana Mala, Dave Charlton.  Sadhana Mala is recognised by the Association for Yoga Studies (AYS) as one the foremost yoga training organisations in the viniyoga tradition.

Em undertook Sadhana Mala’s two year (500 hour) group class teacher training, followed by their two year (500 hour) training in individual tuition and yoga therapy.

In addition to her study, practice, and teaching of yoga, Em takes care of her home and family and is  a senior member of staff at the Goldmark Gallery in Uppingham.  She walks regularly and has a love of learning.