What to expect from the class:

Our main aims are to improve back strength, core stability and flexibility while also creating calmness and relaxation for the mind and body.

The beauty of the this approach is the variation  that is possible within and between classes.  We may work with repetition in and out of postures (asana), flowing sequences, or staying with a posture, using the breath to enhance the experience. We also use breathing techniques (pranayama), and more meditative practices.

There is a strong emphasis on working slowly, using the breath the guide the movement – this creates the mindfulness that is key to this approach.

We also work with modifications within postures to respect individual strengths and limitations.

Mondays 7.00-8.15pm

Goldmark Gallery, Orange St, Uppingham

Please contact me for availability.

Em Goldmark

07792 818680    [email protected]


The Art of Viniyoga

The Art of Viniyoga will give you a thorough grounding in the principles that underpin this approach in a practical and enjoyable way.

It is the gateway into these teachings: if you wonder what’s different about this approach, or indeed if you’d like to review your understanding, then this course is for you.

This course is ideal for students wishing to simply deepen their understanding of Yoga, for students who may wish to continue studying to become a Yoga Teacher, and for trained teachers from other approaches who wish to explore the Viniyoga of Yoga.

The Art of Viniyoga course will be run as a single introductory day, followed by 3 weekends (Sat-Sun).

We explore many fundamental ideas including:

  • Key asana and the way the spine moves
  • Principles behind asana including counter posture
  • Breath in asana and sequencing
  • Concepts from the Yoga Sutra
  • An introduction to chanting
  • The intelligent cultivation of a pranayama practice
  • Adapting Yoga practice to individual needs
  • History of Yoga.

The cost of the course is £625 and includes all tuition, a full set of handouts and access to the online learning material.

For dates and further information contact:

Em Goldmark

07792 818680    [email protected]