Class 9 | Viveka 3 – Introduction of concept of duhkha in relation to the role of viveka. Posture focus – twists, variation of upright standing twist and lying twist. Pigeon (with alternative).  Last class for now.  Hope you’ve enjoyed all 9 and will continue to revisit.

Class 8 | Viveka 2 – Further exploration of viveka, opening and clarifying the space between head and pelvis.  Posture focus: twists,  emphasising the sequential aspect of the movement.

Class 7 | New theme: Viveka – Clarifying the space between two principles. Posture focus: twists, working around the shoulder/upper back relationship.

Class 6 | Sequences 3 – Some twisting, a warrior sequence, and continuing with bhavana of spaciousness, within postures and breath.

Class 5 | Sequences 2 – Introducing asymmetrical work, continuing with bhavana of spaciousness, within postures and breath.

Class 4 | A new term and a new theme: Working with sequences. Week 1 
Arms/shoulders standing sequence, full & half forward bends/half squats, cat/downward dog/plank. 

Class 3 | Further development of classes 1 & 2: specific work around taking weight downwards, creating strong support to enable opening and lifting. Posture focus: variations of warrior and downward dog, janusirsasana.

Class 2 | Development of class 1, consider the role of the feet in postures, using their support to guide and assist more complex movements. Posture focus: warrior, flank forward bend.

Class 1 | Simple, symmetrical practice focusing on the feet – placement, contact with the ground, source of support. Posture focus: variation of downward dog, 2-foot support.