Your time, your practice

For many whose experience and understanding of yoga is class-based, the idea of individual, home practice can be pretty daunting.  There is comfort to be had from the class environment, both in terms of support from the regularity and from the social aspect.  While individual practice is certainly more challenging in terms of self discipline, it is also considered to be the heart of yoga.

Yoga is about experience, about your own journey, and while a class can open the door, you can only really step through and embrace the possibility of what yoga can bring, if you do your own practice, designed for you by a qualified teacher who is the right teacher for you.

With individual practice, you need to motivate yourself to get on the mat. It is up to you and only you to do it.  Everyone has times when they practice regularly and when they don’t – life has a habit of getting in the way from time to time.  The trick is to realise these times are momentary, not to feel bad about it, but when you are ready, you get back on the mat.  Like most new pursuits, which we consider ‘good for us’ we spend the first little while doing it because we feel we should.  After a while, if we stick with it, there comes a point when we choose to do it because we want to.  We realise that this thing which we think should do us some good, is actually fulfilling its promises.  And on those occasions when we don’t practice for whatever reason, we miss it, and we find it has become a part of us.